Facts to know about bong smoking methods

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Smoking is popular among different cultures. Smoking can be done in different ways. Besides ordinary smoking methods, one can also use a glass bong to satisfy their cravings for nicotine. What is a bong? Ideally, a bong is a water pipe used for smoking. Bongs can be made from either bamboo, wood, or glass.

History/discovery of the bong

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The use of bongs for smoking was borrowed from the Vietnamese soldiers. This happened during the Vietnam War era when American soldiers discovered that they could also smoke using the “Baung.” Baung is a native name for bong in the Vietnamese dialect. Since Americans were found it difficult to grasp the native Vietnamese dialect, they instead simplified the word to Bong. Things have since changed with glass bongs becoming popular in the western world. Modern designs are practically better than those traditional Thai or Vietnam bongs.

Why are bongs popular?

Most people have found bong smoking superior to blunt smoking. There are obvious differences between these modes of smoking with the primary difference being heat. As much as traditional smoking methods are perceived to be some easy and comfortable, the smoke is usually at its highest possible temperature, which hazardous to the lungs. The use of Glass Bongs presents a cool smoking experience, which has a direct impact on your overall smoking experience.

Overview of the different bong types

As much as traditional smoking methods are perceived by some to be easy and comfortable, the smoke is usually at its highest possible temperature, which is hazardous to the lungs. Picking the right unit means having pleasurable moments even more. Here are some common bong types worth looking at.

Straight tube bongs

Straight tube bongs enjoy significant popularity among most smokers. As a result, there are the ones used to represent this culture. Daily smokers highly prefer the classical design. Not just that, if you hate heat or hot smoke, this is just what you need.

Angled modern

smoking 231As glass bong designers get creative, angled water pipes are slowly gaining popularity. The good thing is that angled smoking makes smoking appear more casual and bubbling. This benefit makes it perfect for persons who love smooth smokers and multi-task smokers.

Custom bongs

As bongs become popular, so do the innovations. The limitless creativity of glass water pipes has ushered in sophisticated, simple, and beautiful glass bong designs. For instance, you have a Recycler design, which utilizes two separate chambers to recycle smoke. Custom Glass Bongs are ideal for glass collectors and social smokers.

Benefits of reading personal and professional books

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Reading professional and personal book is so easy, and it will be so valuable when it comes to self-education. It’s one of the so many excellent ways that so many people can use to have a break for their daily lives. Reading the personal books will be able to improve the way of life and even strengthen the mind. If you take time to read a personal and professional book a day, it will have an impact on how you will go through your days. It will be so beneficial, and within no time you will notice that change too. The MentorBox Review gives you a comprehensive insight on self-development. Read on to have an understanding of some of the benefits of reading personal and professional books.

Improved focus

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If we have a clear mind, then it will be easy to identify the objective that we have and it will be easy to determine the task that will give the fastest result. The personal book will do just that because they will be able to change the focus of someone and at the same time it will improve the attention too. You will notice that after a little time of reading the personal books you will be able to change the focus and the memory will be sharp also.


As I had mentioned earlier having the personal books, then you will be able to have the motivation that you need. If someone knows what they want to achieve in life, then they will work extra hard to make exactly that happen. At the end of the personal and professional books there is always a bright benefit that you will be able to achieve, and with that then you will be able to work extra hard for it. It will push you a little more to get the needed action to achieve everything.

Sense of direction

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If you feel that you have no idea where your life is going that can be changed if you read the personal books. It will be easy to make a decision when you have read the personal books without having to worry about anything. Most of the time people feel that they don’t have a solution to a problem and the answer will be just within them. When you have a sense of direction when deciding on the issues that you might be facing will not be that hard of a choice anymore. Watch the video below for the benefits of reading self-development books;