If you are home and reading this article, I am sure you first looked around to see if your house is clean. You best know the answer. Because of busy days and schedules, it has become difficult for many people to keep clean houses. One leaves home early in the morning and comes back very late and tired. Many of us are familiar with this right? By a clean house, I mean an organized house which is not dusty and such. Seems an easy job but it has become a nightmare for many people. If you have been wondering how to balance your time and maintain a clean house, this article will be of great help. Read on,

How to keep your house clean

Keep everything in its place

This is the first step to a clean house. If everything is in its place, the house will appear organized. Items might be dusty, but the first impression one gets is that the house is clean and organized. After dinner or any other meal make sure that all utensils are kept in the kitchen sink. Do not throw shoes and bags on the seats on arriving from job. Keep them where they are supposed to be. Hang coats and shawls at the right place. This point is just trying to emphasize that everything must be stored in the right place at all times.

Keep the kitchen clean

Many people have trouble with the kitchen and especially men. After clearing the table, please do not sleep on a dirty sink. This is the only way to make sure that your kitchen is always tidy. Wash glasses and plates after a snack. Food left overs should be thrown away immediately as well. To keep the kitchen dustbin dry, spread a newspaper at the bottom. It will absorb any food fluids and juice hence you will not have a bad smell from the trash. A clean kitchen keeps rats and cockroaches away because they will not have anything to feed on.

The bedroom

How many people leave the bedroom clean? Or let me ask how many people leave all the clothes on their bed because they could not find what to wear? To avoid this, choose what to wear in the morning at night and keep it aside. This mostly affects ladies. Stay away from any temptation to change on planned clothes. Keep your wardrobes organized by having all clothes hanged per type. Put tops on one side, coats at their place, this way you will not have to remove everything looking for a single cloth lost in the others.